This morning I started putting the quad together. I need to print the electronics case to fit all these:

1 – Raspberry pi – the brain
2 – Crius AIOP v2 – the io_board with all the sensors
3 – The Quattro ESC flashed with BlHeli with closed loop control
4 – The Alfa 036H wifi card
5 -GPS
6 – SR04 Sonar
and the rpi camera of course.
The voltage/current sensor is missing from the picture.
Packing them in a small encosure while also keeping weight low will be tricky..
Here’s a few pics with the quad as well. It has 10 inch props and Suppo 2208 motors. The arms are 10mm carbon fiber booms. The motor mounts are printed on my prusa I3 and they also act as legs.
The whole frame weights 130g and is 54cm diagonal motor to motor. This is less than half the weight of my old F450 frame while being way stiffer.

IMG_20140711_153622.jpg IMG_20140711_153634.jpg IMG_20140711_153659.jpg

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