Found the gyro issue.

I had this code:

if (gyro_data.sample_idx > m_last_gyro_sample_idx)
m_last_gyro_sample_idx = gyro_data.sample_idx;

//integrate gyro

Somehow a 90 degree rotation ended up as 110 degree. I checked everything – sampling the imu, sending data through serial to the raspberry pi, everything. Except the type of m_last_gyro_sample_idx – which turned out to be uint8_t for some reason. So sample_idx was always > than the last idx after the first 250ms of runtime. Since the raspberry pi is fast, the main UAV loop executes at around 1200Hz while I get data at 1000Hz.

Changed it to uint32_t and voila! perfect integration of angular velocity and the dead reckoning is back to 1cm per second while idle. Still not happy with this but it’s waay better than yesterday.

Things make sense again.


Now it’s time to test some other AHRS:






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