HW is ready

3 weeks ago I did some vibration tests with all the motors at half throttle and I realized I really need to properly isolate the IMU. I was getting +- 8G in all the axes most of the time. This was driving crazy my AHRS code so something had to be done.

It took one week of designing and printing a new case but I managed to incorporate some dampers.

Here are some pics of the case:

The case with the sonar and Dtotek 10dof IMU mounted. The imu sits on some spongy double-sided tape.case_sonar_imu

Now the the raspberry pi on top:

This is the Quattro ESC + Alfa wifi board that will be mounted on top of the raspi.wifi_esc_voltage

The whole case is mounted on the frame with 8 vibration dampers that I recovered from a some camera gimbals.

First test showed a big improvement. Accelerometer vibration dropped to +-1G but now I get some low frequency oscillation in the gyro, probably due to the resonance frequencies of the dampers. I will try soon to put some ear plugs in the center of the rubber dampers to see what happens.

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