New brain – Odroid W

Just received my Odroid W board from here.

It’s incredibly small:

2014-10-09 16.12.27

In the end I decided I’ll use this instead of the standard raspberry pi.

I’m working on a new design right now that will include vibration damping at the motor mount and the Odroid W.

The new components are:

  • Blue Wonder 1300Kv motors, as they are half the size of the Suppo 2208 I use currently – 24g vs 45g. 80 grams saved just from these
  • 9×4.7 CF props
  • The tiny Odroid W. This will allow me to design a smaller case. It also contains 2 ADC inputs – perfect for the voltage/current sensors. It’s such a pity that it’s discontinued.
  • 4 new ESCs – They are 6g each without the shrink wrap and work perfectly when flashed with bl-heli. So 24 total compared to 50 total for the Quattro ESC I use now.
  • A new sonar – SRF02 – Should have better range, is smaller and doesn’t require 2 GPIOs and accurate timing as it’s i2c and does the range computation itself.
  • A 5A switching BEC.
  • The Drotek IMU

In total I think I can save 200 grams. The new quad will total at around 550-600g – perfect for the blue wonder motors that have a total max thrust of 1800-2000g.

4 thoughts on “New brain – Odroid W

  1. “The tiny Odroid W…. It’s such a pity that it’s discontinued.”
    May i know why you said it is discontinued? Because i still can purchase at HardKernel store.

    1. Yes, you can still purchase because there still stock left. But once the stock is gone you’ll not be able to buy anymore.
      There is this note in red on the product page:
      “Not recommended for new designs.
      When the first trial batch is sold out, you can’t buy the ODROID-W anymore.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.”

      It’s very unfortunate, and it looks like the replacement – the Odroid C1 – is neither small like the W nor raspi compatible…

    2. The product page states that it’s discontinued and once the stock is depleted there will be no more boards produced. It’s a pity indeed.

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