Custom FC

In the past weeks I made progress on the software side. I have the node editor working again and the basic RC also.

To avoid getting bored I switched again to HW and started designing the FC PCB. It will include:

  • 2 x MPU9250 and MS5611 for redundancy and better noise filtering. One of the 9250 will use SPI and the other I2C, to have bus redundancy
  • 1 RF4463F30 transceiver.
  • 1 ADS1115 for ADC conversion
  • Several status LEDs


PWM will be handled by PIGPIO which works very nicely. Better than a PCA9685 that only allows 1 frequency for all the outputs.

It will have a HAT layout, without the EEPROM (still not very clear what good is it).

I already started designing it in Eagle (the free version) and will do the PCB using DirtyPCB.




2 thoughts on “Custom FC

  1. Jean,

    As an alternative to pigpio, you could swap to RPIO, which provides the same DMA PWM as pigpio, but does it directly rather than the pigpio daemon. RPIO has just branched to now support all the newer models of the RPi: However, the advantage of pigpio is that it’s now included in the main Raspian distribution, so will always be installed after any upgrade.

    Just a thought.


    1. I’m not using the daemon anymore as I had performance issues due to it. I’m actually embedding it in the code directly and also I did some changes to it to remove some parts I didn’t need – like the script parts, the net interface ans a few others as well.
      The other reason I need pigpio is because of the serial bit banging part – which I use for the MaxSonar.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out.

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