Monthly Archives: September 2016

H Quad

I’m building my new quad and thought to give the H-Frame a chance. It it more spacious and perfect for FPV because the props are not in front of the camera.

My previous quad had 10mm CF arms – so for this one I thought to go for either 8 or 6mm ones. I tried both and settled for 6mm CF as it seemed to provide enough stiffness and were 20g lighter in total.

Here’s some Design Spark screenshots of the quad:


It’s very small – 33cm motor to motor diagonally – and light at ~680grams.

The improvement over my previous quad is that is has a gimbal and bigger motors and still about the same weight.

The components are:

  • Multistar Elite 2306 mini-beasts. They are great, perfect bearings, very powerful and light. Around 10 grams heavier than my the previous 1804 RCTimers but they will swing the 7×2.4 prop way more efficiently and the estimated flight time increased by 5 minutes.
  • Flycolor Raptor 20A ESC. Very small and powerful. I trust them more than my previous 4-in-1 RTFQ 12A ESC.
  • The usual Raspberry Pi 3
  • A TL-WN722N wifi card for the view link
  • My custom Flight Controller on top of the RPi
  • A MultiStar HV 3000mAh battery


So in the past 2 weeks I actually built it and it’s ready to fly. Here’s some photos:


However, it will probably never fly as the frame allows a lot of twist. It’s not rigid enough and to be honest, a bit messy. I don’t like the way it ended up and that twist really worries me.

Here’s a video of the issue:


So this was a failure. I should have known this before building the whole thing…

There are several solutions like adding more plastic between the arms to help the CF tubes, or switching to 8mm tubes. But I decided to switch to a X frame and be doe with it.