I’ve always been interested in flying things and built more than 20 of them over the years.

I’ve started with multirotors 2 years ago, first with a Rabbit FC and later with a Crius AIOP. 10 quadcopters and 2 tricopters later I decided to build my own floght controller using a raspberry pi.

I work as a game and graphics programmer.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’m pretty interested on learning how to programming in a raspberry and how to create a quadcopter with it. Do you have a getting started post?. I read your articles related to raspberry pi but I’m still pretty much lost .

    1. I don’t have a getting started post yet but I’m considering to write one.
      If you are interested in flying a quadcopter then I really recommend buying one or at least building one with tested hardware. Choose a flight controller (APM, Crius AIOP, DJI etc), a frame (F450) motors, props, battery and a RC system and enjoy flying it.
      If you want to learn how quadcopters fly, how their software works and how to tweak it then go for the same as above.
      On the other hand if you want to do all of the above + learn programming + linux, electronics, and hacking in general then yes – a raspberry pi will deliver all of these. Get yourself a Raspberry pi model A+, a navio board, frame, motors and RC system and a few months of man-cave time. 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I couldn’t find another way to reach you.
    I saw a question on raspberry forums about
    MPU9250 over SPI.
    I saw that you were interested in high frequency sampling.
    Did you have any success with that?
    I managed to make it work over SPI and am now trying to
    squeeze as much as I can from it in terms of sample speed.
    Best regards!

    1. Hi,
      I did manage to sample at 8Khz but if I remember correctly there was no way to sample at 2 or 4. I think the sample rate divider only works with a 1Khz clock, not with the 8Khz one. Since at 8Khz the FIFO fills in around 40ms I decided to stick to 1Khz sample rate.
      Why do you ask? Are you having issues with high sample rate?

  3. This is an amazing site that is tremendously relevant to my project! I’m very excited to have found it and would like an opportunity to talk with you more about a collaboration if you’d be open to it. My skype is caliberdc

  4. Hi,

    I could not find an email address to reach you. So I am writing here! Currently, I am having issue with my RPi and MPU-9250 (SPI) in using 4 kHz sampling rate for my acceleration data. I am not able to achieve 4kHz even when I use FIFO. Is there any way to achieve this rate with RPi (SPI)? Maybe I am missing some parts in reading the datasheet carefully … Would it be possible to communicate via email?


      1. Actually, 4 khz never worked. The clock divider only works for frequencies <= 1 khz. So you cannot divide the 8 khz clock by 2 to get 4 khz which is what i assume you’re trying.

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