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RC Case

I finished designing the case that will fit the silkopter RC system.

Here’s how it looks like:



  1. Raspberry Pi3
  2. Official Raspberry Pi 7″ touchscreen
  3. A 3 axis gimbal stick for the yaw/pitch/roll
  4. A ADS1115 ADC to sample the sticks and the throttle fader
  5. A motorized 10K fader for the throttle
  6. A brushed Pololu motor controller. Pololu modules are awesome btw
  7. 2 clickable rotary encoders to tune custom parameters like PIDS
  8. 2 switches to save/restore the custom parameters
  9. 7 push buttons to change flight modes, RTH and other cool things


The case is pretty big due to the screen. It’s 22.3 cm tall, 19.5 cm wide and 4.4 cm deep – so I couldn’t print it in one piece on my Prusa I3 printer. So I had to split in in a few pieces, print each one and them glue them together.

After a few failed prints, here’s the end result:




I’m painting it now with matte black paint and tomorrow I will put all the components together.

The only problem I’m having now is that I broke my touchscreen while fitting it in the case so I need to order another one.




I ordered these motors and the GLB Mini STorM32 BGC gimbal controller some time ago to make a gimbal for the Raspberry Pi camera. This weekend I managed to model, print and test it.

It weights ~65 grams, is very compact and fits perfectly on my new quad (more on this some other time).

Here’s a timelapse video of the modelling process:

And here’s a video with me mounting it:

And finally the gimbal working:

It works on 6-8.4V (2S), and is very quick to print.

The total cost is ~50e for the controller and motors. In the future I’ll model some extra motor mounts for some more micro gimbal motors.


The STL + Design Spark files will be very soon on github.

[Edit] The files are available here:


New Case

I’ve been working on the new case for the past 4 days and I have the first results.

The old case was too big, too crammed and it didn’t properly address vibration. The new case is smaller and lighter – thanks to the odroid w and includes better vibration damping. Also I will include damping at each motor mount.

Last night I printed the top and bottom plates and they are indeed small – the size of my palm. On top there will be a protective case and on the bottom a power box – with the battery + ESC.

Screenshot_2014-12-07-14-02-54 20141207_132901

The wifi card will be under the odroid, antenna pointing back. I have both whip and cloverleaf antenna mounts printed. The cloverleaf ruins the nice shape of the case as it is huge @8cm diameter.

The whole setup weights at around 600g, battery included. I should be able to get 25min of flight time with a 3S 2200mAh battery.

I also figured out a nice way to mount the blue wonder motors. I’ll go over the details in a future post.