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GPS jamming

The Raspberry pi camera completely jams my Ublox Neo6 GPS.

I’m monitoring the jamming, ADC and noise values and whenever I turn on the camera and start capturing video, jamming goes up from 10 to 140, ADC goes down from 4600 to 1000 and the noise from 100 to 130.

This kills any fix the GPS has and it stops seeing any satellites. With the camera off I regularly get between 3-7 satellites indoors and this is with a passive antenna. With the camera on I get zero even outside.

I wrapped the entire camera in several layers of aluminum foil, same for the ribbon cable without noticing any improvement.

Only after placing a small ferrite bead on the RX/TX serial wires the ADC went up from 1000 to ~3600. So far it looks like the issue is electrical noise.

In the mean time I’m waiting for the new GPS I ordered from hobby king and also started working on supporting the NAVIO board as it has a newer GPS (the ublox 8).

This brings me to the next issue – the brain architecture is not ready to support multiple sensors of the same time.

Time to work on the software while I’m¬†waiting for both the new GPS and the Navio board.