I ordered these motors and the GLB Mini STorM32 BGC gimbal controller some time ago to make a gimbal for the Raspberry Pi camera. This weekend I managed to model, print and test it.

It weights ~65 grams, is very compact and fits perfectly on my new quad (more on this some other time).

Here’s a timelapse video of the modelling process:

And here’s a video with me mounting it:

And finally the gimbal working:

It works on 6-8.4V (2S), and is very quick to print.

The total cost is ~50e for the controller and motors. In the future I’ll model some extra motor mounts for some more micro gimbal motors.


The STL + Design Spark files will be very soon on github.

[Edit] The files are available here:

16 thoughts on “Gimbal

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  2. Hi.

    How is your gimbal project doing? From the gimbal assebly video it looks like the gimbal is not balanced (please correct me if I am wrong). The pitch motor does not stay in place, it tends to turn downwards. This is no good. Do you have plans for redesigning the gimbal arms to improve balance?

    I was going to build something similar with Emax GB1806 450KV hollow shaft motors, but they are out of stock and seem to be discontinued. Now I am looking at the 2204 as well as at RCX H1806 which are a bit lighter than 2204.

    Also can you please show the new flex camera cable your were talking about?


    1. It’s not balanced but the torque is very small. On GoPro gimbals the torque is very big if they are not balanced as you hae potentially hundreds of grams of difference. On this one the weight is around 10-15g and actually the flat flex cable is pushing more than the camera weights. Both are not an issue once the motor turns on.
      I can make some photos with the final assembly this weekend if you ping me back. The project is paused a bit now due to lack of time but the gimbal is working great.

  3. Thanks for replying! It would be great to see more photos and perhaps a video of how the gimbal works in a sunny day.

    1. I have a video with some quad tests but I don’t really have the time to edit them… Real life interfering with my hobby. The gimbal works as expected – there’s nothing special about it except it’s small and light.
      Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of a big work project and barely have any time for this… Hopefully next year I can resume everything.

  4. NIce work . we are on same project to start for fit one like your gimbal with hubsan 501s camera that is already on nside of nose of hubsan 501s. so need some smallest gimbal like your i suppose and hubsan camera is also light not as Raspberry Pi camera but also small torque as you said .
    your link of controler isnt working so please give us more info about or linkwith so small controler.
    thanks in advance ( keep nice working )

    1. Thanks a lot!
      I’m not very familiar with the hubsan 501s camera. The gimbal + motors have quite a lot of force so I think they can move a bigger gimbal as well before balancing becomes a problem.
      I fixed the link/post. The controller is the GLB Mini STorM32 BGC.

  5. Hi! I’m working on replicating a project like yours, and I’m wondering what settings you used to tune your gimbal? Did you use the BGC software? I’d love to see a screenshot of your PID values, if thats the route you took. Thanks!

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